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UASG Advisors is a business advisory and technology consulting services company based in Philadelphia. Founded in 2010, UASG Advisors are seasoned management consultants with extensive expertise in growing companies in North America, Europe, Africa and in Asia. Drawing on the experience of our management team and network of more than 500 consultants, UASG Advisors helps clients identify and deliver value with pace, certainty, and strategic agility with a strong focus on the African market.  As trusted, long-term partner, UASG works side by side with our clients, offering expert, objective advice to help address their most important business challenges.

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Financial Market Symposium series

Financial Market Symposium series

Conducted a workshop series in Yaounde (Cameroon) in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. This was part of the government’s strategy to revive the financial market, grow the stock exchange, provide expertise around IPO and enable access to capital markets. The goal was to make sure companies that went through the UASG modernization program had opportunities to access financing and partners. Some of the additional topics that were covered included:

  1. Financial Markets and Regulations
    (Dynamics of Capital Markets, Regulations, Governance, Developing a Capital Market Culture)
  2. Market Growth and Attracting Investors
    (Trading Platform, FDI, Strategies to attract and retain investors, SMB and capital market).

Conducted a workshop series in Yaounde (Cameroon) in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance.

Participants included all key players and senior managers within the financial sector i.e., the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Market Commission, the Douala Stock Exchange, bankers and services organizations within the financial market. Some of the topics that were address during the workshop series included:

  • Financial market 101
  • Designing new products that pave the way toward more listings
  • Business readiness – Positioning your company to attract investors
  • Douala Stock Exchange (DSX) readiness
  • Enabling technical Assistance for key players (Ministry, DSX a Financial Market Commission).