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UASG Advisors is a business advisory and technology consulting services company based in Philadelphia. Founded in 2010, UASG Advisors are seasoned management consultants with extensive expertise in growing companies in North America, Europe, Africa and in Asia. Drawing on the experience of our management team and network of more than 500 consultants, UASG Advisors helps clients identify and deliver value with pace, certainty, and strategic agility with a strong focus on the African market.  As trusted, long-term partner, UASG works side by side with our clients, offering expert, objective advice to help address their most important business challenges.

Goverment Advisory We help governments in emerging countries define and implement strategies to create jobs and grow their economies beyond local borders! Emerging Economies Growth
Framework (E²GF)
An approach that enables emerging economies to build sustainable economic growth to remain competitive in the global market.
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Countries Our Emerging Economic Growth Framework provides a proven methodology to grow small and midsized businesses while fostering entrepreneurship. Cities Navigator Discover the app The Cities Navigator Project is a mobile application that enables governments and cities to improve their resiliency and emergency preparedness.

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Leadership is vital to organizational effectiveness in the global economy. The capacity for organizations to perform their missions is increasingly shaped by the way they manage information systems. Information is intelligence.

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Globalization, newborn protectionism and security challenges and lack of access to unencumbered capital are hindering the development in developing countries.

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Governments in developing countries are struggling to create enough jobs for a fast-growing population. Uncertain economic outlook makes it difficult to envision a prosper future for the youth.

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UASG Advisors leads the State Department Africa Hub for Geospatial projects. We are currently managing a multi-country initiative to understand and help mitigate second order impacts of COVID-19 in Nairobi (Kenya), Pemba (Mozambique) and Bukavu (DRC).

Discover Cities Navigator

The Cities Navigator Project is a mobile application that enables governments and cities to improve their resiliency and emergency preparedness. It features a mass communication app, navigation capabilities and online citizen services. With Its streamlined configuration capabilities, we can onboard a new country within 5 days using an existing OSM map.

We leverage participatory mapping and have built a simplified interface and process to quickly add service points. In addition, the solution enables service providers like hospitals, pharmacies, gas station, trash collectors to provide real time availability information for their services or critical products.

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