Government and Public Sector Services

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UASG’s public sector offering start by looking at two significant factors – supply and demand. For one of our Government clients, we evaluated development of industrial belts to increase demand for cheaper products that are otherwise expensive due to tariffs and import duties. On the supply side we mapped dependencies to availability of raw material, skills and value add by converting raw material to finished goods. This effort resulted in development of employable labor at the local market level to simulate the growth of regional economy.

UASG initiatives are evaluated based on five core pillars (considerations),

  1. Policy improvement based on objective performance goals
  2. Develop 7-10 year transformation roadmap and execute Proof-of-Concept with 9 months
  3. Draw mid-term Supply and demand dependencies for 3-5 year
  4. Reduce barriers to small business growth at the local and regional level
  5. Proactive monitoring of key factors and reporting

UASG consultants work with ambitious leaders who are passionate about the future of the country and want to go beyond status quo. We provide support to these leaders by bringing tools to address the changes. Our relationship in Government and Public Sector include:

  • Executive office (Prime Minister, Ministerial agencies)
  • Economic sections of US and African embassies
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Small and Medium Business
  • Governors and City Managers
  • Un-employment agency
  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial development
  • Ministry of Higher Education