Emerging Economy Growth Framework (E2GF)

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UASG works to drive significant, country level change by supporting Government entities, quasi-Government industries, nonprofits and entrepreneurs who seek to bring sustainable growth and lasting progress to the populations they serve. Our rigorous analysis and broad experience help our clients focus their missions, grow their donor bases and drive lasting results.

UASG’s E2GF provide an integrated basis for economic development by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in Central and West Africa. Through mentorship, strategic advice and access to capital, UASG helps Government bodies, and businesses achieve scale which in turn helps improve the local economy and reduce joblessness.

For example, our goal in Cameroon’s economic goal is very ambitious—to add 1 percent to GDP. To date, UASG has helped establish an incubation center, facilitated bi-lateral trade activities between USA and Cameroon, modernizing over 25,000 SME to cloud solution for ERP, CRM and global transactions. Participants in the E2GF eco-system include Ministry of small and medium business, ENAM and several large technology companies.

UASG has worked with individual ministries and private enterprises to develop their regional and global growth strategy and execute that strategy at the local level.