UASG Advisors brand marketing and direct marketing campaigns by starting with analyzing the company’s existing market trends, demand shifts and customer database. We develop campaigns designed to increase direct market response at the lowest possible cost. With two decade experience in direct marketing and relationship selling, our unique Business Value Creation approach will help identify right targets markets, create copyrighted material and generate leads.

Implemented along with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, UASG Advisors can further enhance conversion rates, by analyzing volumes of data and identifying insightful trends.

Microsoft CRM Implementation benefits through Business Value Creation Methodology

  1. On-demand prospect focused flow plan
  2. Build automated response, follow-up mechanism moving prospects from cold-call to decision making stage
  3. Invest more time building customer relationships than on CRM operations
  4. Create add-on offerings and move customers from base products to high-value products

Integrating highly effective lead generation approach with Microsoft CRM provides a compelling value proposition. The impact of our approach will directly bring benefits to your sales force. They will spend more time closing deals. We strive for consistent sales approach designed to maximize conversion.