Retailers in middle-market face ruthless competition that leads to single digit margins, increasing
marketing cost, hyper sensitive customers and lot more. In addition, retailers also face the brunt of economic fluctuations that often results in excess inventory and drop in working capital. As a result, there is more scrutiny on value attributes – product price, quality of products and customer care.

Improving working capital allows companies to compete better and provide greater value for the goods. Working capital efficiencies hinges upon company’s abilities to manage procurement processes, target high potent prospects and close the sale faster. That’s just one portion of the working capital opportunity. A significant portion can be optimized when back-office operations become transparent and provide flexibilities to adapt to evolving market changes.

Microsoft AX Retail for CPG and Retailers

Reliance on ERP and eCommerce system to optimize entire revenue and cost cycles are paramount to the success of a retailer. UASG Advisors, with its wealth of IT experience addressing complex problems provide a rich blend of solutions both on the business side of improve and underlying technologies. As professional consultants, we focus on results by implementing fully customized Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail solution that will put you on the right track.