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UASG Advisors has consulted many Forbes 500 organizations to know well that hybris implementations require not just technical expertise in understanding client needs, but also business expertise. Our business expertise in hybris stems from implementations that we have carried out for organizations like American Express, Colgate and Tire-Buyer. Our hybris services portfolio acts as a one stop shop for organizations looking to implement a full-fledged product information management (PIM) system under the current market climate. Our hybris services portfolio includes:


Making hybris work for small and large businesses depends on IT companies like ours being able to understand business practices for the companies we consult for, and then translating those into a successful implementation. Some of the requirements that result in success from hybris implementations are clearly defined IT and business strategies, optimized use of the multichannel capabilities and a strong digital strategy. UASG Advisors act as strategic link in creating successful primary measures that translates in creating the foundations required for implementing hybris. Our consulting services include:

  1. PIM consulting
  2. Retail consulting
  3. Omichannel strategy
  4. Social collaboration
  5. ECommerce roadmap
  6. Post implementation audit
  7. Digital marketing


One of the simplest, yet most overlooked aspect of possessing an ecommerce website is the hosting. In fact, once you have decided to integrate an ecommerce website into your business, an important step to setup your site is going to be creating the domain and deciding where the site will be hosted. To make the process from start to finish as simple and seamless as possible we also offers hosting options to satisfy your business needs. Part of the responsibilities of the web hosting service are to:

  • Ensure your web site is up 24/7/365
  • Handle the amounts of web traffic you may receive
  • Be capable of storing all of the data your site requires.

Let us take the guesswork out of choosing the best web hosting option.


Ecommerce platforms like hybris have the capability of shaping businesses into the next biggest success if implemented correctly. In order to match every business capability that hybris offers, organizations need expertise on every level starting from design, development and strategy across various industries, and business models (B2B and B2C). UASG offers in-depth expertise because of its experience gained from implementing for large companies such as: Colgate, Tire-Buyer, Li-Ning and American Express. UASG is experienced in cost effective implementations that require effective project planning and delivery. Our agile development practices make hybris implementations quick, accountable, and efficient. Our development methodologies, extensive business experience, and technical know-how make every hybris implementation we do, an excellent fit for that particular business. Some of our implementation and integration focus areas include:

  • Extensions development
  • Release management and upgrades
  • Branding
  • Simple Promotions
  • Multi-language/Multi currency
  • Robust Search and navigation
  • Customer accounts capability
  • Basic mobile storefront
  • Simple analytics
  • Integration with fulfilment system
  • Integration with payment provider
  • Personalization
  • Complex sales and pricing rules
  • Marketing and sales
  • Merchandising


In our ever present, turned-on, and connected world, integration becomes increasingly more important as time goes on and technology advances. With software, you rarely have one solution that does everything you need it to; which is where our integration solutions come into play. We’ve all heard the term, “plug-and-play” before, but what does that really mean to the bottom-line of a business. It means more efficiency, which equals increased production, which also equals increased profits and savings.

Managed Services and Support

No business should ever remain static, or stagnant. Once your hybris platform has been implemented there is a continuous need for support and maintenance to ensure the site is up and running properly, that promotions are properly implemented, and the website changes dynamically with the needs of the business. UASG promises continuous hybris performance availability and reliability through cost effective global teams that are highly trained and experienced with varied businesses. Our flexible delivery models include onsite, offsite and hybrid. With our delivery models, businesses can cut costs, maintain growth trajectory, and meet market conditions effectively. UASG offers highly experienced technical teams and architecture support through its partners to make hybris a cost effective venture for organizations. Some of our managed services focus areas are:

  • Delivery
  • Break fix
  • Post implementation audit
  • Code quality reviews
  • System monitoring
  • Administration and support
  • Infrastructure management
  • Hosting support

With UASG Advisors’ array of managed services, organizations can free internal IT resources and focus on running their business.