ATG ECommerce platform is the most preferred solution for large retailers and businesses who want to attract, engage, entertain and convert customers. ATG eCommerce platform is most preferred because of its flexibility, customizability, scalability, resourcefulness and the extensive support networks. Our ATG resources and portfolio possess the expertise that is required for meeting the evolving the customer needs in all touchpoints in ATG.


Big businesses require cross channel unified solutions that can address customer needs. Cross channel customer needs satisfaction evolve around defining strong strategies, roadplan and deliverables. All these areas are moving puzzles in the bigger picture of successful ATG implementation. UASG has expert consultants concentrating on delivering strategies that create successful online experience while integrating the movable parts that drive online growth. Some of our strategy based services are

  1. Multi channel strategies
  2. ECommerce roadmaps
  3. Life cycle management
  4. Digital market targeting
  5. Personalization


Our global expertise in implementing ATG based solutions for leading organizations like Nike, American Eagle, Sprint, Verizon, Officemax and AT&T puts us in comfortable solution to explain about our development practices. Since all of our solutions have created market growth for our clients we are more confident on our next success since we know how to replicate it. Our development practices are agile and evolved to support extensive project needs for large corporations. Some of our expertise are spread out in the following areas.

  1. Testing and Project management
  2. Upgrading and Replatforming
  3. Integrations and Extensions development
  4. User experience designing
  5. Solution architecture
  6. Mobile site development


Our success in delivering next generation retail experience gives us the expertise in delivering highly cost effective partnerships. Our highly strategic services reduce inherent costs in owning ATG based commerce platforms. Our cost reduction techniques and expertise have been highly tested and delivered in many large projects. Our support services covers end to end touch points in making ATG cost effective for all industrial verticals. Some of our core support areas include.

  1. Site optimization
  2. Fine tuning of deployment
  3. Application management
  4. End to end managed services
  5. Hosting and support


Highly functional ATG implementations require expert dedication and experience from knowledgeable resource’s. Finding resources that possess expertise on a complex platform like ATG is a very time consuming producing less Returns on Investment(ROI). UASG has experience and pool of ATG resources that experiences in all of the touchpoints and technical specialties in making ATG work. Organizations can reduce resource augmentation costs greatly through our expertise.