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UASG Advisors is world-class strategic consulting company that provides a rich blend of management consulting, Microsoft Dynamics and eCommerce implementation services exclusively for middle markets across California (Northern California) and North East corridor (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Baltimore). As a leading Microsoft partner, UASG Advisors is able to bring a wealth of business expertise along with technology experience needed to your company’s ERP and eCommerce implemented within the shortest time without compromising the quality.

Shareholder Value Management

Does your management execute activities based on shareholder value elements? Do they know what
shareholder’s want and the individual contribution is? A highly interactive workshop for senior executives to
provide much needed common foundation for developing departmental strategic plans, operational activities
and performance goals. Imagine what your company executives can do when everyone understands exactly what
shareholder value is and how they can help build it.

  • How to create laser sharp focus on activities that create maximum returns?
  • Identify and eliminate conflicting priorities, promote common goals
  • How to develop one-set of metrics and parameters for unbiased progress?

Within the hour participants will start to get insights on value gaps, where value clients demand value, but not saying it and how to close the gap.

Corporate Performance Management

Managing variance during growth phases require different set of strategies unlike matured phases. The ability
of strategic plans and subsequent operational activities to anticipate variance, carry common assumptions and
answer ‘what-if’ is instrumental in achieving consistent financial results.

  • What are the Best-Practices in Planning & Performance Management?
  • How to benchmark BVC projects?
  • Increase predictability in outcome
  • How do you reduce variance?

Why UASG Advisors?

As a prospective customer looking for implementation help, you currently have a range of vendors to choose. We are neither an Information Technology company nor a pure management consulting company. UASG Advisors serves mid-market companies that primarily look for a rich mix of industry, finance and technology designed to save time, money and effort.
We deliver business results. Period.


  • Our founders comes with 20+ years of finance and accounting experience holding senior management positions in Big 4 companies like KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. They possess great depth in transforming businesses.
  • We want to compete for your business.
  • Result oriented, proven methodology driven project delivery
  • Effective project engagement model
  • Innovative lower cost, high value implementation framework
  • Global resources, balanced skills appropriate to project needs

Our Promise

Patterning with the right company requires careful consideration of one’s experience, needs and technical capabilities. You have a choice. We want to earn your trust from the first interaction. We will maintain world-class delivery standards that exceed your expectation.

UASG Advisors consultants are selected based on strong ethical and business value that has been a pillar of the company’s growth. Each consultant brings a wealth of business experience and delivers every project with professionalism. Our consultant will be honest and expect candid feedback. On the first day of the project you set performance goals and we will work every day to meet or exceed.